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Turn Left

Our life is nothing but a road.
Every trip may start out on side streets,
But it eventually merges with the main stretch,
The main road,
The highway, the byway, the toll road, the expressway,

Because that’s the fastest way to get to the future.
It’s the quickest way to get where you’re going.
But everything blurs by.
Every detail and memory
Becomes only a fuzzy recollection.

Do you even remember those roads you like to drive,
When you’re not rushing from one place to another?
The ones that drive past cornfields, or through forests,
Or meander through the mountains?

When was the last time you took the scenic route?
It takes longer to get to your destination that way,
But isn’t that the point?
On those roads, we see the beauty all around us,
Not just the grey of commercial tedium,

We feel more alive and less a cog in the machine,
When we turn off the main stretch.
Because that’s what makes life interesting,
The turns.

The main road could take you straight through to the end,
But should you let it?
Because when you reach your final destination,
The trip is over.

Take the scenic route.
Take that turn.
You’ll have seen more when you reach home,
And you’ll have taken your time getting there.

Why not start now?
See that intersection up ahead?
Go on…
Turn left.

The Pattern

Dust beneath the windowsill,
Falling to the ground.
So it seems it always is,
When no one can be found.

But when time is lost and memories are shot,
A room is still a room.
For everything that happened there,
No remnants remain to loom.

The meaning we assign to things,
Is a silly, trivial thought,
For the things that truly belong to us,
Surely can’t be bought.

Funny, though laugh I don’t,
Is the importance it seems to gain.
We are what we own in life, the masses scream aloud,
It all belongs to each one of us, no matter how mundane!

Love lost, meaning shot, everyone has long forgot,
The obvious incongruity of want versus need.
For it’s been years upon decades upon centuries,
Since reason has given up and fleed.

Expectations, responsibility, money, and deadlines,
All man-made problems only suffered by man.
Though that irony seems to evade everyone,
Naive to the master plan.

So take every bit of that conformity, unity, normalcy, sanity,
And burn it to the ground.
We can only be ready to grow,
When we have truly found,
A way to break the pattern.


Take a look at the news today and what do you see?

Which celebrity had a newborn child,
Which YouTube video has gone completely viral,
Which three things will clear your skin,
And move time back again.

Which seven things to do to,
Improve your job
Improve your life,
Repair your marriage,
Repair your mind.

What’s the best, the worst, the must-haves,
What will make my life complete?
How do I get liked, or noticed, or famous?
How do I make a shit ton of money faster,
So I can sit on my ass and watch life fly by?

When’s the royal wedding, the next episode of The Voice,
Who’s the supposed top contender, even though it’s the editor’s choice?
Which foods must I try before I die?
Which twelve surprising facts must I know about that actor, that movie, that TV show, that book?

Whatever happened to the news?
When did opinion become fact?
When did gossip become sovereign?
Where did it all go wrong?

Why must I dig to beneath the sugar coating,
To find the news that’s really worth reading?
At what point as people,
Could we not read the hard truth?
When did we stop needing to know about unrest in Africa?
Or immoral laws passed in disguise?

Sensationalism pulls the woolen fluff of puff pieces,
Over our eyes and down to our feet,
comforting us in their warmth,
Coaxing us to never leave.

It makes you wonder on what they could report,
If they’d kept the fluff in check.
But would the mind-numbed public revolt,
If Kim Kardashian had a child and they didn’t know?
It’s a risk we all should take.
For our own sake and the sake of mankind.

For if this continues,
We will find ourselves in a dystopian world,
Where information is controlled and displayed,
Selling a happy world With a partisan slant.

What are they hiding?
What don’t we know?

But what we don’t know won’t hurt us, right?
I will never believe that.
For without public awareness,
We are blind and deaf standing on a railroad track,
We know not when the bullet train comes,
Though we are in its cross-hairs,
And it will not miss.

By Jacko Velt