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Turn Left

Our life is nothing but a road.
Every trip may start out on side streets,
But it eventually merges with the main stretch,
The main road,
The highway, the byway, the toll road, the expressway,

Because that’s the fastest way to get to the future.
It’s the quickest way to get where you’re going.
But everything blurs by.
Every detail and memory
Becomes only a fuzzy recollection.

Do you even remember those roads you like to drive,
When you’re not rushing from one place to another?
The ones that drive past cornfields, or through forests,
Or meander through the mountains?

When was the last time you took the scenic route?
It takes longer to get to your destination that way,
But isn’t that the point?
On those roads, we see the beauty all around us,
Not just the grey of commercial tedium,

We feel more alive and less a cog in the machine,
When we turn off the main stretch.
Because that’s what makes life interesting,
The turns.

The main road could take you straight through to the end,
But should you let it?
Because when you reach your final destination,
The trip is over.

Take the scenic route.
Take that turn.
You’ll have seen more when you reach home,
And you’ll have taken your time getting there.

Why not start now?
See that intersection up ahead?
Go on…
Turn left.

The World’s Most Interesting Man

Hear ye, hear ye!
Come one, come all!
Gather yourselves ’round,
I’ve got a story to tell.

This gentleman,
This quiet gentleman,
Who never speaks of himself,
Who shows much more concern in others,
Is a talented man.

He does not speak of that which he does,
But I speak for him.
No, he has not asked me to,
Nor do I think he wants me to,
But his name must be heard.

He is a modern day rennaisance man,
He has done it all,
Is doing it all,
Will do it all.
He explores the depths of expression,
But chooses not to express himself.

And why is that, you ask?
Why does he remain quiet,
When others must know his name,
Must know his fame,
Must know his shame…

Is it because he pours himself so deeply into his work,
That it feels like he’s naked before the viewer?
That they understand him, through his work,
Better than he understands himself?

If I have to be frank, and I feel that I must,
That is neither here nor there.
It is useless information.
No one cares about the artist,
They just care about what they do!

And it was unimaginable when he chose,
To keep this among colleagues,
Among those he trusted.
This is no way for such a talented man to live!
Everyone must know!
Everyone shall know!
Everyone will know!

No man should hold his cards so close to his chest!
A royal flush must be played all at once!
Not one card at a time.
Nay, put everything out on the table.

But what if that royal flush was all he had to offer,
I don’t understand,
Why would you ask such a thing?
Such a man has depth beyond you could imagine!

For he is the world’s most interesting man.

What do you mean that he’s a boring man,
Who does interesting things?
No such thing is possible!
And anyone who does such wondrous feats should shout them to the world!

He was dealt a hand that must be played!
Mystery is hogwash,
Curiosity is last century’s play thing,
Intrigue is useless.

You must know him all at once.
Thus you can judge him,
Prosecute him,
And throw him under the confines,
Of your preconceived notions.

I implore you,
You must tell the world of this man,
This wondrous, unbelievable man.

The need not know who he really is,
Before they find out what he’s done.
He cannot remain hidden anymore,
I will be sure of it.

For he is the world’s most interesting man.

“The World’s Most Interesting Man”
by Jacko Velt