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Our screens grow bigger and our apartments grow smaller,
Our lives grow longer and our attention grows shorter,
Our ability to live deepens as our interests grow shallow.

We have at our fingertips the ability to experience everything,
We could watch the sun flare from just miles away,
We could witness the birth of an ecosystem fathoms beneath the sea,
We could read words of scholars and philosophers hundreds of years old,
All from our screens.

But do we take advantage?
Seldom few do.

We complain about the rising college rate,
About the number of dropouts,
The uneducated,
The failures,
The losers.

But education doesn’t come from a school,
It doesn’t come from a book,
It doesn’t come from a teacher,
Or homework,
Or rote work,
Or endless repetition.

It comes from experience.
It comes from taking part in the living reality,
Taking in the knowledge around us,
The information flowing through us.

It comes from a connection to that information.
It comes from intrigue, inspiration, curiosity,
And insatiability.

The information is there on our enormous screens,
But we must seek it out so it can find us.

Don’t judge people based on the quantity of their degrees,
Or the standing of their university.
Judge them by their thirst for knowledge,
Their inquisitivity,
That wondrous glow in their eyes,
That would surely die if you said they were,

Tests, resumes, essays,
They’re all just words on paper.
Give this human being a task to do,
And just sit back and watch.
They’ll reveal how driven they are,
Without you even asking.

Drive is a beautiful thing that moves us forward.
But it can’t be squashed because of standards and money,
And shitty bureaucracy.

Let them have their bigger screens,
So long as they expand themselves,
Enlargen the world,
And improve those around them.

Sure, they should get out every once and a while,
But it’s quicker to Google Zimbabwe than to fly there.

The Natural Order

The world is larger than you, or I, or any of us can begin to understand. The mountains climb higher, the oceans submerge deeper, the skies extend farther than our eyes will even let us see. This world started as a simple rock on which life could live–if it chose to. And the fact that it came to be here in the first place is mind-blowing. The fact that you or I exist on this planet is extraordinary. What did we do right to get here? To be two of the lucky few to see the world as it is today? I will never pretend to know, though philosophers will philosophize and try to standardize on a reason that will generalize for us all. But that is logical treason. The one reason, the meaning for life, the explanation for the cells that habitate our souls, can be neither universal nor all-encompassing. You and I are alike on so many levels, be we are so profoundly different. And only indifference to that speck of known information can lead us to an unwanted destination, frustration, indignation.

We are not all the same. We must accept our differences. It is only then we can live the way this earth intended for us. It is the only way we can work towards a common goal. I trust that you are familiar with the history of the human race. Of the race to achieve, receive, succeed. From Bronze to Iron to the steel of the Industrial Age. Clouds of dust chasing prey change to billows of smoke tempering blades.  The blue sky turns to grey. The stormclouds roll in. The acid rain falls. The stone of our cities erode away as Mother Nature begins to fight. She calls to men to return her back to the way she was. Humankind has stained her green dress black with soot, flooded her blue skin with death-filled oil. They have crawled across her form like army ants a newborn tree. Chunks and pieces torn out of the leaves of her dress, carried across the globe, transported to a place they had not been intended to see. Earth and rock carved from deep underground and stacked high to the skies. The deeper the quarries the taller the stories. The bigger the mines the longer the climb up a skyscraper’s stairs to reach the tallest floor, to speak with the president, the CEO, the hotshot in his penthouse suite.

But the earth continues to cry her acid tears. She asks for respect, but only continues to be used, abused, neglected.

How much of the world is untouched by humanity’s hands, man’s greed, people’s cravings? Even countrysides are carved by men, corn sown in unnaturally straight rows, wheat tamed into fields. grain stored in silos, the highrises of the farmland.

Why must we satiate this Manifest Destiny? Why must we take and never return? Why must we populate every corner of this earth, while other species suffer beneath our iron fist? Can we leave forests untouched? Plains unharvested? Oceans unpolluted? If this is all about power and ability, there is a lack in servility and humility to the land on which we live. I do not ask for us to worship the earth if we do not already, but respect is a horse of a different color, one we should all heed. “Because we can” is no longer a valid reason. Everyone knows that the plight of the world was our own doing. That cancer arose from our own creations. We need to cure this cancer. We need to eliminate the man-made sicknesses placed on ourselves, the animals, and the earth.

We need to relinquish our reign over all living things and work in unison with the earth and its inhabitants. If we continue to rule as we are, destroy as we do, poison as we have, we will not last. Our world that we’ve created will collapse on itself and we will suffocate beneath the crumbled concrete.

So there you have it. My plea. To relinquish our control and return everything back to
The Natural Order.