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The Setting Sun

Late at night when the darkness gleams
And the shadows start to thicken
A fog of silence settles in
And your heartrate, how it’s quickened.

Consciousness, it slips away
And nightmares settle in
To resurrect the darkness
Locked beneath your skin.

Secrets hide within memories
Until the forsaken hour
It’s here they prowl the ceiling
And unleash their midnight power

Spider-legged and rodent-teethed
Clacking their onyx claws
Your fears spiral overhead.
And brandish their razor jaws.

But there he is, your deepest fear
Dangling from a twisted thread
With inkspill eyes and devil grin.
He plummets for your head.

But your mind snaps to and reason returns:
Roll away and the nightmares will flee.
This was but a late-night terror
A witching hour reverie.

But then needle feet press down.
A weight lands on your back.
The pain sets in and the fear returns
Your mind turns a deepest black.

Its pointed feet prick at your skin
With a terrible tick tick tack
It scuttles down your spine
Leaving prickled tracks.

Not all terrors are imagined.
Not all terrors can be undone.
Lo, heed the eerie warning call
Of the setting sun.

Cold and Alone


Amidst the Fog

“Amidst the Fog”
By Jacko Velt

Through this viscous fog I sail,
Where am I?
No stars overhead, no water beneath,
I float onward in the grey.

A silent ripple sounds from my left-hand side,
Soft as a breath, not even a whisper,
The water parts as I look over,
An inverted splash forms.

A great charcoal catfish catapults from the water,
Head, body, fins, then tail,
Glimmering in the cloudy haze,
Water trickles and streams from its scales.

The monstrous fish leaps over my ship’s mast,
Traveling in a perfect arc,
Its tail flicks at the acme,
Water rains down.

Its flicked tail clips my ship,
Rocking it gently in this mirror’s waters,
The whale of a fish splashes back down,
Sending a ripple of a shockwave around my ship.

The shockwave settles down,
My rocking pendulum ship becomes still,
The grey world regains control again.
…..Where am I?