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Fire Study 1



Here We Go

Bad day
New hate
New anger
Same me

Boiling up beneath the lid
Temperature increasing
Steam building
Pressure rising

Steam fighting
Low whistle
Deep rumble
Water rising

Fire lit
Fire blazing
Anger stoked
Hatred building

New comment
Same disinterest
Same lazy daze
Same toothless grin
Same cold soul

Lid jumping
Steam escaping
Pressure abating
Not enough

Lid flies by
Viewers sigh
Words escape
I can’t erase

To the ego
To the soul
Here we go

Boiling over
Water sputtering
On the hot coals
Steam rising

Crushed ego
Trampled ideals
Destroyed persona
Injured being

Fire gone
Water calm
Steam escaped
I can’t erase

Triumph in sadness
Conquest in anger

Burnt skin
Distinct surprise
Distant eyes
Hidden rage

Torrent calmed
But not for long
A new comment
Brings it back

Bad day
New hate
Same anger
Same me

Here we go.

“Here We Go”
by Jacko Velt

Summer’s Fire

“Summer’s Fire”

Sparks flit off the grass
Yellow against the night
Illuminating their tiny world
As they lift off in flight

Lighting up the crimson green
Then discarding it to darkness
Fire dances throughout the field
But no one holds their breath

This fire is all contained
Within natural glass bulbs
Attached to tiny lightning bugs
A sign that summer’s come

Forest infernos dot the land
Without a single flame
This hot and humid solstice night
Lit up with summer’s fire.