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Our screens grow bigger and our apartments grow smaller,
Our lives grow longer and our attention grows shorter,
Our ability to live deepens as our interests grow shallow.

We have at our fingertips the ability to experience everything,
We could watch the sun flare from just miles away,
We could witness the birth of an ecosystem fathoms beneath the sea,
We could read words of scholars and philosophers hundreds of years old,
All from our screens.

But do we take advantage?
Seldom few do.

We complain about the rising college rate,
About the number of dropouts,
The uneducated,
The failures,
The losers.

But education doesn’t come from a school,
It doesn’t come from a book,
It doesn’t come from a teacher,
Or homework,
Or rote work,
Or endless repetition.

It comes from experience.
It comes from taking part in the living reality,
Taking in the knowledge around us,
The information flowing through us.

It comes from a connection to that information.
It comes from intrigue, inspiration, curiosity,
And insatiability.

The information is there on our enormous screens,
But we must seek it out so it can find us.

Don’t judge people based on the quantity of their degrees,
Or the standing of their university.
Judge them by their thirst for knowledge,
Their inquisitivity,
That wondrous glow in their eyes,
That would surely die if you said they were,

Tests, resumes, essays,
They’re all just words on paper.
Give this human being a task to do,
And just sit back and watch.
They’ll reveal how driven they are,
Without you even asking.

Drive is a beautiful thing that moves us forward.
But it can’t be squashed because of standards and money,
And shitty bureaucracy.

Let them have their bigger screens,
So long as they expand themselves,
Enlargen the world,
And improve those around them.

Sure, they should get out every once and a while,
But it’s quicker to Google Zimbabwe than to fly there.

The World’s Most Interesting Man

Hear ye, hear ye!
Come one, come all!
Gather yourselves ’round,
I’ve got a story to tell.

This gentleman,
This quiet gentleman,
Who never speaks of himself,
Who shows much more concern in others,
Is a talented man.

He does not speak of that which he does,
But I speak for him.
No, he has not asked me to,
Nor do I think he wants me to,
But his name must be heard.

He is a modern day rennaisance man,
He has done it all,
Is doing it all,
Will do it all.
He explores the depths of expression,
But chooses not to express himself.

And why is that, you ask?
Why does he remain quiet,
When others must know his name,
Must know his fame,
Must know his shame…

Is it because he pours himself so deeply into his work,
That it feels like he’s naked before the viewer?
That they understand him, through his work,
Better than he understands himself?

If I have to be frank, and I feel that I must,
That is neither here nor there.
It is useless information.
No one cares about the artist,
They just care about what they do!

And it was unimaginable when he chose,
To keep this among colleagues,
Among those he trusted.
This is no way for such a talented man to live!
Everyone must know!
Everyone shall know!
Everyone will know!

No man should hold his cards so close to his chest!
A royal flush must be played all at once!
Not one card at a time.
Nay, put everything out on the table.

But what if that royal flush was all he had to offer,
I don’t understand,
Why would you ask such a thing?
Such a man has depth beyond you could imagine!

For he is the world’s most interesting man.

What do you mean that he’s a boring man,
Who does interesting things?
No such thing is possible!
And anyone who does such wondrous feats should shout them to the world!

He was dealt a hand that must be played!
Mystery is hogwash,
Curiosity is last century’s play thing,
Intrigue is useless.

You must know him all at once.
Thus you can judge him,
Prosecute him,
And throw him under the confines,
Of your preconceived notions.

I implore you,
You must tell the world of this man,
This wondrous, unbelievable man.

The need not know who he really is,
Before they find out what he’s done.
He cannot remain hidden anymore,
I will be sure of it.

For he is the world’s most interesting man.

“The World’s Most Interesting Man”
by Jacko Velt