In a world where politics reign and good deeds are ignored,
Is it worth being purely talented?
Or must false interest, overused banter, and shallow conversation,
Be mixed with what is really of value?

In a world where individuality is celebrated,
But conformity is sold,
Can the unique emerge above the formulaic?
Contradictions everywhere.

There should be no incentive,
To remove quality, just to be rich.
Popular is great for the average,
But it’s useless for those that can see the transparency.

Art has become simplified, distilled, diluted,
Meaning, nuance, and form have taken the back seat,
Flash, wonder, and awe move to the front.
The quickly evoked emotion ensures continuous success, apparently…..

Whatever happened to subtlety?
Whatever happened to implications?
Why did we become this blunt ensemble,
That no longer thinks for themselves?

Are we too numb to recognize this trap we’re in,
Or have we simply become too comfortable in our laziness to climb out?